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Original Designs

The Banquet Image

The Banquet

This is a sterling silver baby spoon. Baby spoons are used to introduce children to solid food, so I set up a banquet table with some of the delicious things I enjoy. “The Banquet” was shown in a state-wide exhibition of the Ohio Designer Craftsmen.

Crescendo Image


Crescendo” was prepared for the “Fertile Ground” show at the Contemporary Crafts Gallery in Portland, Oregon. In the harsh environment of the desert Southwest, plants have to be tenacious in order to survive. This piece shows a tiny sprout growing from a crack in the rocks. The pin is made from sterling silver, green gold and slate.

Avanyu Image


Avanyu is the water serpent in Native American mythology. In the desert, water is not always a benevolent force. Rain can quickly cause flooding, devastation and death. This sterling silver pendant represents this fickle and powerful spirit.

The Lost City Image

The Lost City

I designed this piece after a visit to the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada. The museum houses an extensive collection of Virgin Valley Anasazi artifacts. The pre-historic Anasazi flourished in the northwest part of the US Southwest. At some point they abandoned the area, leaving behind the ruins, pottery and others signs of substantial and long term occupation, and simply disappeared; no one knows why. This piece was made as a tribute to their culture and was shown in an exhibit of Las Vegas artists.